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Speech and language resource supports early development

It's Time to Talk and More Time to Talk intervention books are now ready for purchase directly from Stoke Speaks Out. Previously available only on CD, the interventions are now in a durable spiral-bound book format with session plans and picture resources provided.

It's Time to Talk is a group intervention for children in the early years who are struggling with early interaction, single word vocabulary, attention and listening. It is designed to be run by early years professionals and covers these skills through a topic based approach.

The It's Time to Talk book also includes Time to Listen for children needing more intensive work on their attention and listening skills first.

‘As a result of It’s Time to Talk, children are developing in their language and this is shown through our Early Years tracking. They are more confident and are using more words during play.’ Nursery practitioner

More Time to Talk is designed to follow on from It's Time to Talk, progressing children to understanding of two key words, saying two word phrases and teaching of early language concepts.

​The interventions have been embedded successfully across Stoke on Trent in private day nurseries and school nurseries, with staff receiving training from the Stoke Speaks Out and Speech & Language Therapy team.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with nursery practitioners reporting that the intervention supports children to develop crucial foundation skills such as listening, turn taking and early vocabulary.

To find out more more about the interventions or enquire about purchasing the books or training, see our Interventions page.


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