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Raising awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) for international DLD day

Stoke Speaks Out and Children's Speech and Language Therapy in MPUFT will be raising awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) for international #DLDday on Friday 20th October 2023.

Developmental Language Disorder is a hidden but common disability that affects 1 in 14 people causing difficulties understanding and using language for no known reason.

As speech and language therapists we work with children with DLD on a daily basis, providing assessment, diagnosis, therapy and advice. One of our most important roles is educating parents, carers and teachers about the strategies and support they can put in place to help children with DLD to thrive. That's why we'll be sharing key facts and useful tips on our Facebook page and on X, formerly known as Twitter, over the next few days. We want everyone to share our posts far and wide to raise awareness of DLD.

The 2023 DLDday theme is DLD Around the World, highlighting that DLD affects people around the world regardless of age, gender, language spoken or ethnicity. Speaking more than one language does not cause DLD. In fact, people with DLD can learn multiple languages. DLD is a neurodevelopmental condition affecting how the brain processes language, so it makes sense that we find it in every country and every language.

Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (RADLD), the peak body who coordinate international DLDday are advocating for increased recognition and support for people with DLD around the world.

People with DLD are 6 times more likely to suffer from anxiety and 3 times more likely to have clinical depression. They are also at significant risk of struggling with reading, spelling and mathematics. Although DLD is a common condition affecting many areas of life, people with DLD are unlikely to receive access to services,” said Stephen Parsons, Chairperson of RADLD.

Join us on 20th October by sharing our social media posts far and wide to raise awareness of DLD. Developmental Language Disorder Day #DLDDAY, now in its seventh year, is celebrated annually around the world with more than 40 countries involved.

Learn more about DLDDAY, DLD & RADLD at:



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