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Talking your language

Are you a bilingual family?

Here are some useful tips and resources for families who speak more than one language.

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My home language is best for me...
Talking to your child in the language you know best helps their brain grow

  • It is a great advantage to speak more than one language and this is normal across the world.

  • Talk to your child in the language you are most comfortable with and this does not have to be English.

  • If children can talk confidently in their home language, learning a new language will be easier.

  • By learning their home language, children will be able to talk to everyone in their family and community grandparents, aunties, uncles, etc.

  • It is fun to look at books and sing songs and rhymes in your home language because it is familiar.

  • Do not worry if your child can not speak English when they start school. They will learn by listening and watching others. Let them hear English when you are out and about but do not force them to speak it.

Useful links

Being bilingual

Lots of information and advice about supporting language development in a bilingual family from BBC Tiny Happy People.

Advice in 19 languages

Quick tips to support your child's speech and language development in 19 different languages on the Nation Literacy Trust website.

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