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What is SMILE?

SMILE (speech, milestones, interaction, language and expression), is a play based group for children aged 18-30 months and their parents/carers. It is for children who need a little bit of extra help with their early speech, language and communication development.

​Children can be referred into SMILE by Health Visitors or Family Support Services so please speak to either of these if you have any concerns and think this group could help you and your child.

​SMILE sessions are delivered once a week for 6 weeks by Speech and Language Therapy Assistant Practitioners. Each session includes fun activities and shows parents/carers simple ideas to support their child’s speech, language and communication development at home.

Speech and Language Assistant Practitioners are available both during and after each session to give advice and answer any questions or concerns parents might have.

Have a look at our SMILE activity sheets below to try with your little one or read our play guidance.

If you have any queries regarding the SMILE groups please telephone 01782 234484

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