Tickle time

  • Sit with your baby on your lap.Your baby loves to be close to you and to feel your touch

  • Sing songs to you baby such as ‘this little piggy’ or ‘round and round the garden’, as you sing gently uncurl your baby’s finger and toes

  • As you repeat this activity your baby will become familiar with the rhyme and will start to giggle and smile as they wait for the tickle at the end of the song. Singing repetitive songs is great for your baby.

This little piggy

(gently touch your child’s big toe or thumb) say ‘This little piggy went to market’

(gently touch the next toe or finger) say ‘this little piggy stayed at home’

(gently touch the next toe or finger) say ‘this little piggy has roast beef’

(gently touch the next toe or finger) say ‘this little piggy had none’

(gently touch the little toe or finger) and say ‘but this little piggy went wheee wheee wheee all the way home’ (gently tickle their whole foot or hand)

Round and round the garden

(gently uncurl your child’s fingers, lightly draw a circle in their palm) say ‘Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear’

(move your fingers up your child’s arm) say ‘one step’

(move your fingers further up your child’s arm) say ‘two step’

Say ‘tickle under there’ (gently tickle under their chin)




  • Use a blanket or baby's t-shirt

  • Hold the blanket between your face and baby's face

  • Say 'where's baby gone?' (use baby's name). Use an excited tone of voice.

  • Wait a few seconds, then reveal your face, saying 'peek-a-boo!' or 'there she is!'. Make sure you're smiling!

  • As you repeat this activity, your baby will learn to anticipate your face appearing and get excited to see you.

  • Watch this activity at BBC Tiny Happy People


Giving and taking

  • Use a lightweight toy, such as a rattle

  • Call your baby's name to get their attention.

  • Offer your baby the toy so it is in easy reach of his hand. Let your baby take it.

  • Let baby play with the toy for a couple of minutes.

  • Hold out your hand and say 'my turn'.

  • When your baby gives back the toy, say 'thank you' again. (Encourage your baby to give the toy if needed.) Now you have a play for a couple of minutes.

  • Make noises or say words related to the toy, such as 'rattle, rattle, shake'.

  • You can keep going, taking turns, for as long as baby wants!

  • Watch this activity at BBC Tiny Happy People


Hiding and finding a toy

  • This is similar to peek-a-boo, but this time you're hiding a toy.

  • Use a blanket to cover a favourite toy, e.g. teddy. You could also simply hide it behind your back.

  • Say 'where's teddy gone?' 

  • Wait a few seconds, then reveal the toy, saying 'there's teddy!'

  • Watch this activity at BBC Tiny Happy People


Let's dance

  • Use your phone, radio or CD player to put on your favourite songs.

  • Hold your baby close and securely to your chest.

  • Gently move around and dance together in time with the rhythm of the music.

  • As you repeat this activity, you and your baby will develop a strong bond that is not only important for your baby’s development but is good for you too!