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Stoke Reads Rocks

Are you wondering why colourful rocks are being left in parks or hidden on paths near you?

Rock painting has become popular with adults and children painting stones with a design and leaving them to be found by others in places such as parks or tourist spots. Finders can either keep the rock or move them to somewhere else and share their finds on social media.

What do I need?

All you need is a few rocks, paints or permanent pens and a bit of imagination!

Paint your designs with your favourite characters or stories from the Stoke 100 Reads and then hide them somewhere for people to find and put a smile on the finder’s face! The full list can be found at

Not only is it fun to make and hide the rocks, it is great to go find them too!

Sharing pictures online of rocks you have made or found as well as clues about where they are hidden makes it a social project.


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