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New key message launch!

Stoke Speaks Out has launched a new key message this month!

The 'key messages' are top tips to help to support the development of strong attachment relationships and good communication skills in children. They are for parents, carers and anyone working with young children.

We asked our local speech and language therapists to come up with one of the most helpful tips they give out frequently to families, and choice making came out on top.

The latest key message, 'Choices are Chances', gives helpful hints on how to use choice making in everyday routines and play to give children chance to communicate. Holding out two options to a child and saying 'would you like the banana or apple?' opens up the opportunity for children to practice pointing skills, try saying the word and helps reduce frustration in children who struggle to communicate their wants and needs. It also means the child hears the words connected to the objects in front of them, and this helps them to learn the link between the word and the object.

The new key message brings the total number to eleven, all of which have useful tips such as how positive touch is important for bonding, why eye contact is great for communication development, and champions how parents and carers are the best toy their child can ever have.

You can see our new key message here and download the poster or flier to share, or print and display it for all to see.


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