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Using gadgets and technology effectively with your child

Our children are born into a world where tablets, smart phones, video games, computers and television are all part of a family’s daily routine and life. Children are becoming computer-literate at a younger age. There are benefits to using technology together with your child, such as:

  • Increased opportunity for parent/child interaction

  • Children can benefit developmentally from the many of the educational games/apps/programmes available

As parents it is important that we control our child’s use of technology so that:

  • Children use and select appropriate apps for their age range

  • We monitor the amount of screen time our children have each day

  • Children are kept safe from the hidden dangers of the internet


Mother and Daughter

Getting the balance right​​

  • Introduce your child to tablets when the time is right for you and them

  • Use the tablet alongside your child

  • Develop routines for using the tablet

  • Choose appropriate apps for your child

  • Make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the apps your child uses

  • Think about apps as you would toys or books and select the correct age range.

  • What else can your tablet do? Together use the camera/video to explore their environment inside and out and talk about what they can see.

  • Link tablet play with non-digital play

  • Turn the tablet off an hour or so before bedtime​

Have a look at the useful links below for more information about managing technology with your child.

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