A Guide to the Stoke 100 Reads

Stoke Reads encourages a love of reading in the City and gets children and parents reading together.

Stoke 100 Reads is a list of the most popular 100 books as voted for by children and families across the City that are ‘must reads’ before the end of Primary school.

Download a copy of the Stoke 100 Reads

You can borrow books from your child’s school or your local library free of charge. Your child can join the library for free! Click here for more information on how to join.

When your child has read all 100 books they will get a certificate and a prize. Children can claim their prize at any of the Stoke libraries when they show their finished lists.

There is no closing date and it will take as long your child needs. Some children may finish the list before they finish primary school and other children may need longer.

Stoke 25 Reads

There is a mini challenge available for 0-5 year olds. Children receive a special pop-up book of Barry the Fish with Fingers when they have read the 25 books on the list.

Download the Stoke 25 Reads

​Stoke Reads On

Once your child has finished the primary school 100 reads there is a secondary school age list of 101 books. Children can choose books based on what they enjoy.

Download Stoke Reads On

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