A Guide to the Stoke 100 Reads

What is the Stoke 100 Reads?

A collection of the most popular 100 book titles as voted for by children and families across the City that are ‘must reads’ before the end of Primary school.


Why do we have Stoke Reads?

  • To promote a love of reading across the city.

  • To engage the whole City in conversations and activities around books.

  • To motivate children and parents to read together.

  • This will ultimately be to raise reading attainment in the City.

Where can I get a list of the Stoke 100 reads?

In 2015 every primary school aged child received a copy of the Stoke 100 reads in school. The list would be for the child to keep with them until they have read all 100 titles or they have reached the end of primary school.

Some libraries may still have some paper copies available or you can download a copy from the Stoke Speaks Out website at  www.stokespeaks.org/posters.


There is also an online list available where you are able to count the number of titles that you have read. (However it will not store the results)


Where can I find the books?

Your child’s school should have most of the titles available to borrow or all of the books are available to borrow from your local libraries free of charge.


If you are not already a member of the library, your child can join at any of the six libraries and it is free! There is no charge to borrow books and children can borrow up to 20 books at a time for up to 4 weeks. For more information about how to join the library please visit the Stoke-on-Trent City Council website. https://www.stoke.gov.uk/info/20036/libraries/68/how_to_join_the_library


What if my child reads all of the 100 titles?

If your child has read all 100 titles they will receive a certificate and a special limited edition copy of The BFG worth £20!  Children can claim their prize at any of the six libraries across the city when they show their completed lists.

There is also a list of suggested titles which were popular during the voting process but didn’t quite make the final list of 100 titles. You can find the list of books at the Stoke Speaks Out website www.stokespeaks.org


My child is only 2, the end of primary school is a long time away for them, what happens if they complete some of the list?

There is a mini challenge available for 0-5 year olds. Rewards are available for children under five, who will receive a special pop-up copy of Barry the Fish with Fingers when they have read the first 25 books on the list.


Children can claim their prize at any of the six libraries across the city when they show their completed lists.

The mini challenge is available to download from the Stoke Speaks Out website www.stokespeaks.org/posters.


How will I know which titles are suitable for the age of my child?

The books do not have to be read at a certain age and they are not listed in age order - the children decide when they are ready to read them.

However, there is a list available which has titles grouped together in suggested age ranges. You can view/download the list from the Stoke Speaks Out website www.stokespeaks.org.

Do I have to read the books with my child before they can highlight that book?

No - wherever your child has heard/read a story this count towards the final total. This means if your child’s setting/school has read one of the titles with them or they have visited a storytime session at the library or on the Little Library Van and heard one of the titles there it all counts!


My child was 9 years old when they first saw the list and feel that some of the stories are ‘too babyish’ for them, how will she complete the list?

There will be some titles which some children they may see as too young for them but children could read these titles by:

  • Reading the book to a younger sibling.

  • Reading the book with younger children in lower year groups at school.

Children may have also read the title when they were younger themselves and this would still count towards the final list.


How long does my child have to complete the list?

It is ongoing - there is no closing date for the Stoke 100 Reads and it will take as long your child needs. Some children may complete the list before they finish primary school and other children may need longer.


My child has left primary school and hasn’t completed the list, what happens now?

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t completed the list before the end of Year 6, they would still be able to claim a prize from a local library if they complete the list before they are 12 years old.

My child has just started secondary school and completed the list, is there a list available?

Once your child has completed the primary school 100 reads there is a secondary school age list of 101 books available. The titles have been split into genres to encourage children to choose books to suit their interests.

Every secondary school has had copies of the ‘Stoke Reads On’ poster and local libraries have copies available to collect.

The ‘Stoke Reads On’ list is also available to download from the Literacy trust https://literacytrust.org.uk/communities/stoke/stoke-reads/

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